Contemplative Art Photography by Kira Oujonkova

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About Kira

Originally from Russia, North Vancouver became Kira’s new home for the last 15 years. Graduated from Vancouver Media Institute of Arts with diploma with honors in Digital Photography, Kira has become a passionate photography business owner based in North Vancouver, from where she runs her Kira Oujonkova Photography studio.

About Kira’s latest collection

My new “Terra Incognita” collections presented in the upcoming North Shore Art Crawl 2013 aim to inspire a return to the child-like wonder and fascination with the extraordinary details of life and nature – to encourage a personal journey as we may see ourselves reflected in this at times “forgotten” nature – a nature imbued with limitless generosity of life-giving spirit, with breathtaking moments of ever-changing worlds of wonder.

My body of work hopes to stir in the viewer the desire to interact more directly with nature to discover things anew, rather than simply to observe with conditioned indifference – to have a pure experience, just as a child, when visiting the beach, is compelled to dig in the sand, explore tidal pools and investigate the sea-life with fierce commitment.

This series adopts that same child-like curiosity that drives our interaction with the natural world in a graphic, painterly lexicon – captured by literally crawling in the soil, examining a turned leaf, or perhaps just staring at the tide receding, listening . . . answering the calls of abstract, hidden universes that are patiently waiting to be heard, to be seen in ever-changing spectrums of colour in harmony with “golden” proportions of beauty and simplicity.

These amazing and ephemeral worlds are living in the perspectives of my work, each piece imbued with the raw joy that nature brings to my soul. I wish with sincerity that each piece will take you on a visual journey to inspire reflection, to see beyond what appears in plain sight, to recognize a personal truth, or simply realize that we are inescapably intertwined with nature, that our inner nature is reflected in how we see and react to everything around us, that we shape what shapes us.

Click here to explore the interactive book title containing these works.

Terra Incognita Book

So come and see for yourself, sail away from your day-to-day, and escape to these playful and abstract spaces – forgotten lands of infinite horizons – to imagine, explore, discover, and rediscover ourselves as we pass through new doorways, as we journey through the unknown lands of life . . . here be dragons, here be Terra Incognita!

Kira Oujonkova Photography

17 April 2013.

Kira Oujonkova Photography

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